The customer-centric approach is the key to profitability. The Customer Mirror module of CSI Diagnostics and Analytics allows the company’s management to gain scientific and measurable knowledge of its customers, their needs, expectations, and disappointments. All analytics is presented in a custom dashboard that acts as a “customer mirror.”

With the transition to Industry 4.0, your customers are progressively digitizing their operations.  The resulting “big data” implies increased use of artificial intelligence and the conversion to 5G networks that support it.


In this fast-paced environment, the most expensive part of the business is acquiring new customers. From then on, the critical issue is to keep them. Your company then goes into LISTENING mode using all the means. But listening cannot be measured. The role of the CSI D&A Module is to break down listening to customers into a series of quantifiable processes:


1 – Acquire customer perceptions and not necessarily satisfaction

2 – Analytics compilation and statistics

3 – Diagnostic of collected data and cross-reference

4 – Numerical indexes of the skills and capabilities

5 – Maturation to a sustainable solution


Customer perceptions need to be analyzed as accurately as the bottom line.

Customer satisfaction is a subjective resource that varies over time and is highly dependent on an environment over which the company has no control. This reality makes it all the more imperative for your company to take all available means to go beyond analyzing the volume of transactions in progress and their level of profitability. Of course, this analysis is essential, but it only gives you a picture of your current and past performance.

With CSI’s Customer Mirror feedback module, you can get a detailed and quantified picture of customer perceptions. This module is based on a surgically-made survey covering scientifically identified topics and applied to selected stakeholders. The Customer Mirror feedback module eliminates confusing “noise” and provides an accurate picture of the customer experience.

Perhaps your customer is satisfied with the service they get when they call your customer service department, but maybe they are not too impressed with your company’s new product offerings. On the contrary, perhaps you will find that while your customer is happy with the service and pricing, they feel that your company needs to innovate more after-sales service, as your competitors seem to be doing?


Increase Customer Satisfaction

The Customer Mirror module turns listening into a roadmap of actions to increase customer satisfaction and their lasting loyalty index.

This index is displayed in a user-friendly dashboard where each numerical indicator corresponds to one of your participating customers. Thanks to this proactive tool, the essential diagnosis allows you to perform numerous analyses based on your questions and, above all, to come up with an effective strategy and an action plan adapted to your customers’ real needs.