Before negotiating the acquisition of a business, operational due diligence will help you know whether you are paying the right price and to better understand how the company might perform in the future.

  • Financial due diligence gives you the history of the business up to a specific date but will not tell you much about its future. On the other hand, ‘MRI for M&A’ or operational due diligence will provide buyers with crucial scientific data to understand where that business is going in the future.
  • It will help predict the company’s short-term performance and use its strengths to reach its maximum potential.
  • Active listening before the acquisition: Get the story straight and reduce the risk of unpleasant surprises.
  • Self-funding: the operational due diligence should be instantly self-financed and provide qualitative and quantitative insight into the business’s future performance.
  • Finally, it will help the buyer reduce the price of the acquisition offer.
  • Benefit from our experience with hundreds of companies and get a cross-sector perspective.


  • How do you conduct operational due diligence?
  • Apart from looking at the balance sheet, what do you do to find out more about the company’s operations, customer service, corporate culture, management effectiveness, innovation, and agility?
  • How long does it take?
  • What kind of results do you get?

Typically, the investee company will only allow you to talk to a few customers (those the company wants you to talk to!) and get a few meetings with a few executives. But all other intangible assets remain virtually hidden until the deal is done. The MRI for M&A© diagnostic gives you the whole picture by measuring the perceptions of ALL stakeholders: employees, managers, customers, and suppliers, who are invited to complete a quick and easy online survey.



  • A MAJOR INVESTMENT RISK REDUCER. The MRI for M&A© diagnostic is a powerful pre-transaction tool.
  • Getting to know the “real story” behind your investment targets in the non-financial due diligence (NFDD) process, covering all the ground that business plans, financial projections and statements cannot reveal.
  • Get snapshots of the company’s overall perceived capabilities, including the views of customers, employees, executives and partners.
  • It helps you identify if and where you need to get involved in the business by flagging strategic issues promptly.
  • Share report information with partners and institutional funders for greater transparency.
  • Benefit from our experience with hundreds of companies and get a cross-sector perspective.


Enhance your operational due diligence to new heights. MRI for M&A© diagnostic is used by private equity firms. Its use is required in the letter of intent as a condition of any investment. Ideally, it can also be used by:

  • venture capital funds
  • super angel or angel investor groups
  • institutional funds or hedge funds
  • research funds, royalty lenders, asset lenders or other alternative capital sources
  • family offices or foundation-based investors
  • wealth management professionals or investment banks
  • companies investing in a single company or managing a portfolio

The MRI for M&A© survey is based on extensive research that has identified the core operational capabilities of companies that succeed. Hundreds of companies and private equity (PE) firms are already using it. It is a quick information capture approach that collects anonymous and confidential feedback from customers and other stakeholders. A one-click link takes them to our technology-based data collection methodology.


Deciding whether to invest in a company is challenging. Until you have full access to the company, which only happens after the deal is done, the investment is sketchy because it is virtually impossible to understand its operational strengths and weaknesses. Information is minimal. The balance sheet tells you about the financial health of the company. But statistically, most deals don’t go as planned because there is a lack of knowledge about the operational health of the organization – which the balance sheet does NOT tell you.

Whether you are using the due diligence process to filter deal flow, find hidden gems, look for risk spots in your current portfolio or look for a better way to manage all your active investments, we have the solution for you. We will save you time and money, reduce your risks and give you a greater sense of control.

CSI’s Business MRI approach goes beyond the company’s financial balance sheet, it looks at the state of its operational performance indicators, and provided to you with an interactive dashboard.