Our humble history started in 1996. The company was founded as CSI Business Diagnostics by entrepreneur-researcher, author and lecturer Jerry Tarasofsky and Dr. Max Garfinkle, Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia, and Berkeley University. Both researchers were aware of the inadequacy of business evaluations based mainly on the analysis of the financial balance sheet, which, by definition, reflects the past situation.

Our two researchers then embarked on a large-scale meta-research project that reviewed all existing business diagnosis and analysis approaches. This meta-research resulted in the development of a method to measure the intangible value of the company and its potential for the future. However, developing the new methodology required an investment of 44,000 person-hours. This research will culminate in a tool called the MRI for Business.

Finally, in collaboration with senior executives in several major companies, Max and Jerry could have their efforts critiqued and eventually validated. CSI Business Diagnostics then applied with precisions its diagnostic methodology to a varied and prestigious clientele that includes the big names of the Fortune 500 and the Financial Post 500: Pfizer, Team Microfix, Bayer, Hallcon, NOVACAP, Toshiba, GE Healthcare, L’Oréal, DuPont de Nemours, Société d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, etc.

Jerry Tarasofsky recorded twenty years of accumulated results and field experiences in 2016 in a book entitled “The HALO Effect: High-performing, Agile, Learning Organizations”, available on Amazon.


Since 2021, M. Serge Bouchard, CEO, has led the CSI D&A team with 30 years of experience in Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Sales, and International Development.

Serge is also the founder of the first Advanced Manufacturing Canada Forum in 2015. http://canadamakes.ca/advanced-manufacturing-canada-montreal/

Former Executive Director of the Association of Enterprises in Industrial Automation. (Regroupement des Entreprises en Automatisation Industrielle) the  https://reai.ca/en/

Serge plays a vital role as a Spokesperson for industrial robotics to benefit various manufacturing industries, like aerospace, and associations, for provincial and federal governments.

Member of numerous boards of directors, including the CCICC of which he is a co-founder.

CSI Diagnostics is currently managed by Lumina Diagnostics and Analytics. The two companies will eventually merge in 2022.


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