Providing companies with intelligent diagnostic technology, or “MRI for business,” to intelligently assess the core capabilities of their business. At CSI, we believe that the use and understanding non-financial data is the key to an agile business. Leveraging this data allows companies to act before problems arise and predict movements that positively impact the business.

In the age of information and artificial intelligence, every company must decide to leverage its non-financial information. CSI Diagnostic’s mission is to provide the methodology, fieldwork, tools and annual measurement models to bridge the perception gap between your most valuable stakeholders and your business reality.

In the past, financial data has been the basis for evaluating and guiding a business. But, while accurate most of the time, this discipline is a reactionary approach. The window of opportunity has passed, or the operational hurdles have subtly built up for too long. That’s why we provide companies with an intelligent light source (Enterprise MRI) through which they can assess their operations, culture and innovation using a proven methodology at a fraction of the cost of big consultancies.

Therefore, our flagship product is an interactive dashboard that assesses how your company is perceived by its entire environment: managers, employees, customers, and suppliers. The data is derived from our survey methodology, which allows for an accurate assessment of any company’s current state, strengths, and weaknesses, regardless of its industry. The questions are strategically constructed using a proven survey to assess the key challenges facing all businesses, without exception: learning culture, operational efficiency, organizational agility, innovation opportunities and customer satisfaction.

Our diagnostic dashboard will allow you to look at overall results, build a profile of your customer/network perceptions and examine issues before affecting your bottom line. Diagnostics acts as a skeleton that makes statistical data profiles to uncover capability scores, information gaps, control issues, and gather insights from every stakeholder in the business.

We turn “perceptions” into empirical data