CSI’s Business MRI originated from extensive meta-research, which is the study of research itself, performed on several successful businesses based on five strategic challenges. Our founder, Jerry Tarasofsky, and his team, conducted 20 years of research based on the experience accumulated with the most prestigious industrial groups of our time: Pfizer, Team Microfix, Bayer, Hallcon, NOVACAP, Toshiba, GE Healthcare, L’Oréal, DuPont de Nemours, Société d’exploitation de la Tour Eiffel, etc.


Just as a medical MRI is utilized to create detailed images to get a visual sense of the hidden medical anomalies, so is the MRI Diagnostic Module used in the same way to identify hidden risk patterns with remarkable precision in all sectors of the industry. In addition, CSI Diagnostics’ validating tool assesses and evaluates where your business stands accurately pinpoints the company’s level of operation based on five strategic challenges (see below).

The CSI’s Business MRI issues a 30-questions survey of four main groups that make up the ecosystem of a company. The result is a comprehensive mapping of the targeted groups’ innermost perceptions concerning your business. In addition, the results generated by the survey are displayed on a dashboard, which makes it possible to leverage the company’s actual, measured, and quantified potentials, allowing you to develop multiple short and long-term strategies.


CSI’s Business MRI is adaptable to all phases of a company’s growth. This tool provides in-depth knowledge of the organization’s internal and external target groups’ perceptions.

So why adopt the multi-year Business MRI diagnostics and analytics plan?

  • It is a fast, inexpensive, and reliable way of gathering vital information
  • It presents a strategic interpretation of internal and external perceptions of your activities, with tangible explanations of their implications.
  • It displays on a user-friendly dashboard warning indicators of problems or emerging issues or opportunities for growth and development.
  • It allows you to track the evolution of your company’s performance each year, including the impact of the solutions you have implemented.
  • When available, it provides industry benchmarks of all capability scores across your industry or sector.

The Power of Repetition; we recommend implementing the Business MRI module for two consecutive years. However, three or more would yield superior metrics of your progress. Artificial intelligence analysis reache a remarkable efficiency through historical data.