CSI W2S© diagnostic offers an effective way to understand company problems or challenges within the organization and determine its digital vitality. All at an affordable cost

Once again, with your ecosystem’s help, we can identify the weaknesses and turn them into strengths faster than you think.

You will establish the necessary environment to overcome most of the hidden deficiencies/weaknesses your company is experiencing.

In addition, your ecosystem can also identify your strengths from the outside, not only the strengths you may already know but also the ones your partners have attributed to you, which consequently will form a new synergy that your W2S© will welcome.

Our promise to you is to reveal the hidden clauses; our satisfaction is to see you overcome the challenges and be proud of your achievements, your position of strength and most of all, confidence, so when you look back, you can say we did it. We are one step ahead of tomorrow’s leader.


A proven methodology will assess your strengths and weaknesses based on 15 essential capabilities competencies (or skills) that every business must tackle to reach higher peaks, as the most successful companies do.

Indeed, some of these skills will give you better results or scores than others. The critical point is to have the mathematical and organizational tools to honestly identify your weaknesses (suspected or not), take on the challenges of improving these core capabilities, and remeasure them over time. Finally, you can correlate this exercise with the profitability or performance of your business.

We present you with the “Five Challenges” that every high-achieving company that wants

to be more prosperous must face. The five “Strategic Challenges” are assessed by three “Essential Capabilities.”

The methodology yields fifteen Essential Capabilities that apply

to any organization, regardless of its size or mission.

Finally, we consider the responses of your Past, Present and Future study groups by the type of respondents, i.e. Internal and External.


Business assets transformed into digital values that can be assigned to the following business assets:

  • Goodwill
  • Culture
  • Brand value
  • Level of stakeholder engagement
  • Alignment between internal and external stakeholders
  • Management effectiveness
  • Innovation orientation
  • Agility/adaptability to change
  • Customer loyalty/retention

Find out how our CSI Diagnostics & Anayltics approach can

complement the balance sheet in a due diligence business